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Photo Transfer Prices:
$1.50 per photo.  

Have your photos set in pan and scan motion!  Just like the Ken Burn's style you are used to seeing on TV!  Each photo will slowly move to give an added dimension to the emotion of your project.  Cost is $1.50 per photo.

$1.00 per photo.

Or you can choose to have no motion in your photos. The image stays still on the screen in between transitions. Cost is $1.00 per photo.

If your pictures are already digital you can take .25 off of each photo, as we will not have to scan them.

Ask for a demo DVD to help you decide which one to get!

Music, title, and graphics added free of charge!

Each job varies in length...We have transferred as few as 50 pictures and as many as 2500 for one family. 150 photos would give you a 20 minute finished video while 500 photos would give you a 60 minute finished video.

Wedding Package Prices can be viewed at:

Video to DVD Transfer Prices:
$10 for an hour or less.
$15 for tapes over an hour but less than 2.
We can transfer VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, 8mm, High 8, Mini DV, and Mini DVD.
Extra copies of your master DVD are $7 or less depending on the amount of footage you have.

Editing: $75 per hour

Home Movie Transfer Prices (8 MM, Super 8)

   1 ____                     50    _______     $20 
   2 ____                     100    _______   $27 
   3 ____                     150    _______   $34 
   4 ____                     200    _______   $41 
   5 ____                     250    _______   $48 
   6 ____                     300    _______   $55 
   7 ____                     350    _______   $62 
   8 ____                     400    _______   $69 
   9 ____                     450    _______   $76 
   10 ____                   500    _______   $83 
   11 ____                   550    _______   $90 
   12 ____                   600    _______   $97 
   13 ____                   650    _______   $104 
   14 ____                   700    _______   $111 
   15 ____                   750    _______   $118 
   16 ____                   800    _______   $125 
   17 ____                   850    _______   $132 
   18 ____                   900    _______   $139 
   19 ____                   950   _______    $146
   20 ____                  1000 _______     $153

After the $213 for the first 1000 ft., charges are $7 per 50 ft for any additional footage.

We have transferred as much as 40,000 ft for one customer, so no job is too big!

Title Menu and graphics added free of charge!  Instrumental music of our choice is also added free of charge.
Send the reels to us in the order that you want them transferred.  Additional editing charges will incur if:  you want the reel order  changed after they have been transferred, you want home movie footage taken out or moved between reels, or if you want to add your own music to the project. Normal editing charges apply.
Call us and make arrangements to stop over and drop the home movie reels off if you live in the Southern Wisconsin/Northern Illinois area, or send them via USPS, Fed Ex, or UPS to:
Video Imagery
1918 Liberty Lane
Janesville, WI 53545

If you are sending your home movie reels through the mail you would need to include a check or money order for the full price of your project.  When the video is finished we will send it and your home movie reels back to you. Paypal (credit card payments) are also an option.
Your home movie reels would need to be numbered in the order that you want them to appear on you finished DVD.  Chronological order is usually best.

Allow one month for completion of your home movie reels project but most times it will be completed well before that.
Any questions just send us an email at: or call us at (608) 757-1938.
Extra copies of your project are as follows:
Up to 15 minutes in length = $7 per DVD
15-30 minutes = $8 per DVD
30-45 minutes = $9 per DVD
45-60 minutes = $10 per DVD
60-90 minutes = $12 per DVD
90-120 minutes = $15 per DVD
Projects over 2 hours become a 2 DVD set and cost more.  Final cost depends on actual length.
We do offer discounts if you order 5 or more copies of your project.

 No materials (Photos, reels, CD's, etc.) will be returned until balance is paid in full on your project.
Duplication of your DVD-R's or CD's!

DVD Duplications

Prices For DVD-R duplication are as follows and includes titling and graphics printed onto the DVD surface itself. We do not use labels that you adhere to the DVD.  This will cause you many problems with play-back.  We print right on the white surface of the DVD itself so you get professional looking results with maximum playability!

0-49              $5.50
50-100          $5.25
100-200        $5.00
201-300        $4.75
301- 500       $4.50
501-750        $4.25
750+             $4.00

We don't recommend this, but if you prefer to do your own labels (or write on them with a sharpie marker) you can subtract $1.00 off the cost of each DVD-R and you will receive a plain white DVD.

CD Duplications

Prices For CD duplication are as follows and includes titling and graphics printed onto the CD surface itself:

0-49              $4.50
50-100          $4.25
100-200        $4.00
201-300        $3.75
301- 500       $3.50
501-750        $3.25
750+             $3.00

We don't recommend this, but if you prefer to do your own labels (or write on them with a sharpie marker) you can subtract $1.00 off the cost of each CD.  You will then receive a plain white CD.

Transfer your photographs or old home movies over to DVD all set to music that makes your memories come alive! Give the gift that will touch your family's heart and soul.
Chimney Balloon Fireplace Damper

Do you have a drafty or stinky fireplace? A Chimney Balloon fireplace damper can stop the cold draft, bad smell and save you money on your heating bill.


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