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By the second or third day of each camping trip, we are usually able to coax the local chipmunk population to eat out of our hands...
This past year we happened to befriend a mouse that was living in the woodpile.  The boys had a lot of fun watching him...
Connor pretended to be a "doggie" so he could "catch the mouse."
While we enjoy the myriad of wildlife on our camping trips, including Bald Eagles, Whitetail Deer, Grouse, Turkeys, Coyotes, Red Fox, Black Bears, Raccoons, and other small furbearers, (notice I did not include skunks, but that is another story!) we especially enjoy watching and listening to the Loons.  One of our favorite camping memories is of little toddler Connor and the Loons that live on Bear Lake.  Kristi and I were sitting around the campfire our first night of Connor's first camping trip.  The Loons began their hauntingly beautiful cry and it echoed across the lake and through the North woods. Then, from out of the tent, where we thought Connor was sleeping, came the Loon's answer.  Connor who was eleven months at the time, did his best Loon imitation.  For the next twenty minutes or so, Kristi and I held hands by the fire and listened to nature's Loon talk to our little Loon.  For the rest of the week it became a nightly ritual...
If you have never heard the cry of the Loon, click on the link below to hear a soundfile of one of God's most incredible creations. No sound makes me think more of God's majesty than this:
Click here to hear the Call of the Loon!
This will take about 45 seconds to load.  Let the whole soundfile load before you play it. It is well worth the wait!

No camping trip is complete without a stop at Aunt Rosellen's!
On our way back from Bear Lake we stop to visit with my Aunt Rosellen. Kristi and I adore her, and Caleb and Connor would most likely not be upset if they lived with her instead of us!

One last story about our camping trips...

Two summers ago we came back from camping exhausted, but with some great memories. Little did we know that there was one more memoy yet to be experienced ... (On that particular trip, Caleb had to learn not to throw empty wrappers and cans into the lake. It only took one talk about littering, and what it does to nature, to convince him not to do it.) The day we got back, Kristi happened to look out the window into the back yard, and to her horror, she saw that Caleb was going to the
bathroom on our lawn. Now, being a guy, I didn't think this was too big a problem until I found out that the two young neighbor kids were watching him...and that he wasn't going "number one" as we say, he was going "number two." (When I was his age, we called it going "Brown Crayon." Yes, I was a little weird growing up.) When Caleb was done doing his business, Kristi called him into the house and started to explain to him that when you are camping, and there are no toilets, you can go potty outside, but that when you were home, you had to come inside and go in the toilet. As she went on with her lecture, he began to hang his head as he just didn't quite grasp the concept. (She could just hear the wheels turning in his head. Why was it OK to do it yesterday, but not today?) Finally the light bulb went on over his head!
"Awwwww Mommy....When I go potty in the back yard, is that called Littering?!"

So there you have it. Thank you for spending some time camping
with us. We hope you enjoyed your trip!

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